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An unforgettable sunset accompanied by dolphins' dance

Boat trip

A completely different and unique sunset awaits you on our Adriatic! We are taking you to an unforgettable evening on the high seas, which is a perfect way to end your day. Istria is famous for its spectacular sunsets accompanied by a full color spectrum, and now you have the chance to experience them from the most beautiful viewpoint!

Dolphins tend to revel in sunsets too, and often during boat rides they dance nearby, making sure all our guests have a day to remember. This is an opportunity to create magical photographs, so don’t forget to bring your camera or mobile phone!

The transfer from your hotel to the dock and back to the hotel after our trip is over is organized – worry not and let yourself enjoy this new experience.


Note: Even though dolphins are often spotted in the area, they are free animals therefore the observance during every trip cannot be guaranteed. Thank you for understanding.

From 390 HRK / 52 €

National park

Brijuni Islands

During this daily excursion to one of the most beautiful Croatian national parks, you will embark on a journey through prehistory, Classical Antiquity, Late Antiquity and Byzantine period to the Venetian era.

Each of this periods has left a priceless archaeological heritage – the longest inhabited area on Brijuni: castrum, the oldest Christian building on the island: St. Mary’s basilica, a hill-fort from the Bronze Age and a luxurious Roman villa in Verige Bay. Brijuni are also home to one of the oldest olive trees on the Mediterranean, more than 1600 years old, which bears fruit even today and beautifies Veliki Brijun’s scenery with its impressive trunk.

Release your inner explorer and peek inside the islanders’ lives over many centuries. Get captivated by their strategically built architecture and island flora & fauna, and treat yourself to a memorable day!


From 480 HRK / 64 €

Romantic, authentic, beautiful


Together with its charming old town, Rovinj will enchant you with its atmosphere! Its narrow streets hide years and years of history, tales, past times and traditions.

Postcards of this picturesque town with its colorful houses and clear azure sea are among the prettiest in whole Croatia, while St. Euphemia’s church’s belfry watches over the city and gives the whole scenery a unique, powerful touch.

Besides the beautiful Forest Park Golden Cape and 67 kilometers of coastline, Rovinj offers museums where you can travel through the history of the city and the famous batana, whose eco-museum is included in the UNESCO Register of Good Safeguarding Practices for the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage of the world. Rovinj fishermen used to catch their fish in batanas until recently, and on evenings they would hang out with laborers in cellars, accompanied by freshly caught fish and a few glasses of tasty domestic wine.

Join us in sightseeing and discover why, after a longer hangout, it was sometimes hard to find the road home through the streets labyrinth of this vivid town. During 2 spare hours, you will have more than enough time to pamper yourself with some of the best Istrian delicacies and wines that this pearl has to offer.


From 630 HRK / 84 €

An Istrian night under the stars

On the Istrian peninsula, in an area of exceptional beauty abundant with natural treasures, intact nature and rich cultural and architectural heritage, we discover the town of Bale. This stone town lives tradition even nowadays, and offers unlimited exploring opportunities to its visitors. From the Gothic-Renaissance castle Soardo-Bembo, 19th century tower in the town center and it City Hall to the point where the 45. parallel passes, Bale will delight you with its simplicity and prevailing silence.

Not to leave everything just on walking and exploring the present of this picturesque town, after dinner we will take you to Fort Forno for the praised show “Istrian stories”. In a dynamic and playful way, you will jump into the story about Bale’s development from prehistory until today. On four languages, you will discover interesting facts about dinosaur traces found on Bale’s coastline, as well as about courageous conquerors and their cultures which have contributed to the creation of a unique mosaic of historical heritage in Bale.

This is the perfect opportunity to try something new during your stay in Istria and create unforgettable memories!


From 740 HRK / 99 €

Roman night


A visit to the amphitheater was a part of social life and a place for fun and socialization for the Romans. During the 1st century, three main parts of gladiator shows were set in place – fights with animals, executions of those sentenced to death and gladiator fights.

Different types of gladiators existed and the fights were always held between gladiators with different arms so each fighter had certain benefits and shortcomings. Sounds of gladiator swords often hinted to sad outcomes, and you will have the chance to witness a reconstruction of those fights on our trip to Pula (only without the tragic ending).

The Spectacula Antiqua show will bring Roman civilization and history to life in the most spectacular way where you will be able to discover more about old Roman clothing and customs as well as participate in workshops.

Before the show we will explore this millennial city, its rich culture and even richer history, while some spare time will allow you to learn about past times’ inheritance at your own pace.


From 760 HRK / 102 €

Meet the queen of Istria


Did you know that one of the six biggest Roman colosseums is located in Pula? It is also one of the best preserved! Besides this historical treasure, Pula has numerous archaeological sites that take you on a journey to ancient Roman times.

Situated on the south of the Istrian peninsula, for many people Pula is the main reason of visiting Istria. Crystal clear sea, delicious gastronomy and intact nature make of it the perfect choice to enrich your stay with new experiences.

Over a rather short walk, Pula puts many sights in the palm of your hand – the most famous monument of Roman architecture – Arena amphitheater built 2000 years ago, the beautiful Secession building of the city market offering an abundance of fresh local groceries, as well as the Roman arches and old city walls.

Join us on Pula’s sightseeing, discover interesting facts about this city older than 2000 years and try to hear muffled sounds of ancient crossed gladiator blades in the amphitheater. We will spice up the day with some local wines tasting, all in order to add dimensions of taste and smell to our gastronomy stories!


From 720 HRK / 96 €

A walk through millennial Poreč

Famous for its two towers – round and pentagonal, Poreč takes you to some distant, long forgotten worlds with its mosaic of Gothic, Baroque, Romanic and Renaissance architecture. Its old town has been almost completely preserved in its original ancient form, with Euphrasian Basilica as the most important and most valuable cultural monument, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Built in the 6th century, the basilica prides itself on Byzantine era mosaics, and thanks to well-preserved signs all periods of its construction and renovation can be read. During our visit, you will have a chance to see the only completely preserved monument of Early Christianity in the world!

After the guided sightseeing, you will have enough spare time to explore hidden streets and their millennial stories at your own pace.


From 680 HRK / 91 €

Adriatic Pearl


Spread over 117 islands in a northern Adriatic Sea lagoon, Venice is often referred to as the Queen of the Adriatic. Known for its canals, gorgeous gondolas and rich history, Venice writes its past from the 5th century when persecuted Aquileians inhabited some of the swamp islands.

With time, the city has become the center of world trade and the biggest port city in the world, while new mansions decorated by Italian artists were filling the old town. Some of those magnificent mansions adorn Venice’s streets even today, so a short walk provides a view of the Gothic Doge’s palace and the Renaissance Biblioteca Marciana, while the best sight on the palaces Ca‘ d’Oro and Ca’ Rezzonico comes from gondolas that, just like during ancient times, float through the city canals.

Saint Mark’s square with breathtaking Napoleon’s Procuratie and domes of the eponymous basilica is the city’s main feature, and together with the Bridge of Sighs and Rialto completes the story about townspeople and doges, freedom and last looks on the canals.

We recommend you to start exploring and wandering around this beloved Italian town. Make sure to have an espresso in one of the local bars!


From 550 HRK / 74 €

A day in south Istria

Boat trip

Once a smaller fishing village, today stands for a modern and well-visited touristic center. Thanks to its favorable geographical location, Medulin is the choice of many guests when it comes to sea and sun. The unique town beach is one kilometer long, while the shady camp provides a haven to nature lovers in search of a break from the summer heat.

Medulin is well-known for its archipelago and islands that allow guests to relax from the city bustle, and during our trip we will have the chance to see them from the sea side. Besides lunch and a welcome drink on the boat, you will have enough free time on Levan – a sand island known for its beautiful beaches, romantic landscape and an amazing beach bar.

During this day we will also explore the southernmost part of Istria – Nature park Kamenjak, a peninsula with almost 9 kilometers of coast; filled with bays, hidden beaches and capes. The Porer lighthouse watches from nearby, and it is a beautiful example of stone constructed Adriatic lighthouses from the Austro-Hungarian era.

Get ready for a journey across the azure crystal clear Adriatic Sea!


From 580 HRK / 78 €

National park

Plitvice lakes

The oldest and biggest national park in Croatia, Plitvice lakes keep on attracting nature lovers with their exceptional natural beauty, peacefulness and picturesque scenery. No matter the time of the year, visitors are bound to experience an unforgettable day in the outdoors. Plitvice lakes have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List 40 years ago - let us show you why they earned this valuable honor!

From 850 HRK / 114 €

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