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Golden Croatia | The Best Of Green & Blue

15 days

​As hard as it may seem to choose the best sights that Croatia has to offer, we are very proud to say that we managed to pick out the best of the best. Famous for its Green (nature parks, colorful trees, cities’ greenery) and Blue (Mediterranean Sea, beaches, islands) pearls, Croatia is bound to take your breath away. Join us on a journey through present and history, nature and culture, and get to know Croatia like never before.

From 11700 HRK / 1560 €

Croatia From West To East

15 days

Embark with us on a unique journey through some of the most beautiful Istrian and Croatian pearls, accompanied by delicious aromas of local cuisine that will provide your sojourn and palate an unforgettable experience.

From 10720 HRK / 1430 €

Highlights Of Istria

7 days

Have you ever wondered how would it be like to live as a fisherman or truffle hunter? With Golden Croatia, you have a chance to try it out! On our way to discovering Istria and its hidden beauties, we will pass through Cold War buildings, the magnificent Roman Colosseum, woods brimming with truffles and spend a whole day Big-game fishing for tuna! And no need to worry about food to start your days with - a fresh, tasty continental breakfast will be waiting for you each morning!

From 5100 HRK / 670 €

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